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"Those Who Don't Value The Past Shall Also Be Without a Future."

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The American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture - Naples Florida

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"Aki A Múltat Nem Becsüli, Annak Jövöje Sincs"

The Fundamental Law of Hungary

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The Treaty of TRIANON ending WWI eviscerated, dismembered, and marginalized Greater Hungary. The terms of the Treaty resulted in the 'Crucifixion' of the Nationof Hungary. Tragically the effects of the Treaty of TRIANON exist to this day in parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

Trianon DVD, a bi-lingual DVD depicting the events leading up to the Treaty of TRIANON ending WWIAvailable now!
July, 2014

The Aftermath of the 100th Anniversary of WWI (1914 -1918)

A bi-lingual (Hungarian/English) DVD with Professors, Historians, Intellectuals, and Poets that review the various national interests leading to the Treaty of Trianon, signed at the Grand Palace in Versailles, France on June 4, 1920.

Also, bonus part of the DVD – ‘The Hungarian Spark in America;’ a previously released video of the many accomplishments of those of Hungarian descent in the field of art, music, theater, sports, science, medicine, etc

The DVD Menu allows the selection of Hungarian or English version, as well as, ‘The Hungarian Spark in America.’

Included with the DVD is a 22 page manual of the complete English dialog and maps contained in the video.

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The TRIANON DVD is reproduced, released, and financed by The American Foundation For Hungarian Youth And Culture, Inc. at the request of the Kazinczy Ferenc Society of Hungary. Copyright with the US Copyright Office/Library of Congress.

Presentation of the Colors to Csaba Hende,
Hungary’s Defense Minister

American Flag via Marco Rubio presented to Hunharian Prime MinisterAt the request of United States Senator Marco Rubio a US Flag was flown over the Capitol and presented, with its accompanying certificate, to the Honorable Csaba Hende, Hungary’s Minister of Defense, to commemorate his visit to the Great State of Florida.
Representing the US Department of Homeland Security and conducting the Flag presentation ceremony were US Merchant Marine Captain Andrew Evva and US Coast Guard Auxiliary Staff Officer, Dr. Phillip Smith.

American Flag flown over the Capitol presented to Prime Minister of Hungary, Csaba Hende

Memorial Day 2012 - Patriots for Freedom FoundationParticipation with “The Pine Ridge Patriots” and representing the USCGAUX at Naples Memorial Gardens’ Memorial Day Ceremony.

Marine Corporal Bobby Joseph, one of their original members, attended.