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"Aki A Múltat Nem Becsüli, Annak Jövöje Sincs"

The Fundamental Law of Hungary

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Made In Hungary

Andrew L. Simon

Carburetor, helicopter, stereo radio, television, electric transformer, dynamo, holography, ball point pen, telephone exchange, krypton light bulb, automatic exposure, binary code, vitamin C, neutron bomb, Rubik's cube, jet propulsion, torpedo, contact lens, water turbine: they all have one thing in common. All of them are Hungarian inventions.

Not only are they immediately recognized by their exuberant music-Liszt, Lehar and Bartok come to mind--but by their scientific attainments Hungarian scientists have won eleven Nobel Prizes in the twentieth century.

Men and women with some claim to Hungarian ancestry were nominated for Oscars 136 times between 1929 and 1996, or an average of two nominees each year. They won the golden statuettes on thirty occasions.

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Although they live in the very center of Europe for over 1100 years, ethnically Hungarians differ from their neighbors--neither Slav, nor Latin nor Teutonic. Hungarians speak a language that is linguistically closer to Japanese than to any European language except perhaps Finnish and Estonian.

Although today a small country, Hungary was an established Christian kingdom generations before the Norman Conquest. From the year 1,000 AD until 1945 this kingdom was in continuous existence. The country's history is marked by three catastrophic events:

  1. the Mongol Onslaught in 1241,
  2. the Battle of Mohacs, the Turkish occupation in 1526
  3. and the Treaty of Trianon, the breakup of historic Hungary