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"Those Who Don't Value The Past Shall Also Be Without a Future."

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"Aki A Múltat Nem Becsüli, Annak Jövöje Sincs"

The Fundamental Law of Hungary

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Colonel Kováts...

Colonel Kovats - Faithful Unto Death in the Revolutionary War

On May 11, 1779, Colonel Kováts gave his life in the American War for Independence while leading the Continental Army cavalry he had trained in Hungarian hussar tactics against a British siege of Charleston. The British remarked that Kováts’ forces were "the best cavalry the rebels ever had!"

Colonel Kováts is immortalized at the Citidel Military Academy in South Carolina and "Kováts Field" is named after him.

"Fidelissimus ad Mortem" OR "Faithful Unto Death"

This represents Hungarian American historical commitment to the United States. The motto was taken from a letter written by former Hussar Officer Michael Kováts to Benjamin Franklin. Kováts, known as the Founding Father of the US Cavalry, offered his sword in service to the United States.